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We’re Building The New Internet
Stiamo Costruendo il Nuovo Internet

Freedom of expression, control of personal data, private and secure communications; and a whole new economy. Welcome to the SAFE Network.
Libertà d’espressione, controllo dei dati personali, comunicazioni sicure e private; e un’intera nuova economia. Benvenuto nella SAFE Network.

Using spare bandwidth and unused disk space on home computers and phones, we’re taking the web off corporate servers, out of government control, and back into the hands of people.

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Decentralised & Autonomous: Freedom of expression by design.

Decentralizzato & Autonomo: Libertà d’espressione by design.

Everyone should be able to collaborate freely and share ideas; free and unrestricted access to information for everyone around the world.

That’s why we’ve designed a system like no other: An autonomous network that runs itself, distributed across the globe, that can’t be shut down, controlled, or censored.

What is an Autonomous Network?

“Fixing the Internet isn’t optional, and now there’s a solution we can all be part of.”
David Irvine — Founder

All information is equal

All data on the network is treated the same, and everyone has equal and free access. Net neutrality comes as standard.

Can’t be censored or shut down

Because it’s autonomous, the SAFE Network can’t be turned off, blocked or controlled. It belongs to humanity.

Total Privacy, Absolute Security.

Privacy and security should be available to everyone, not just those with deep pockets.

That’s why the SAFE Network encrypts all data by default, automatically splitting it into many pieces which constantly move to locations around the globe that cannot be traced. And your access to them is untraceable too.

No more hacked data, no more stolen passwords, no more eavesdropping. Private. Secure. Anonymous.

How does it work?

When we’re given the tools to communicate privately and securely we gain the freedom to collaborate and innovate all as one.

Browse and access anonymously

On the SAFE Network, you are free to browse and download completely anonymously, from anywhere in the world. No account necessary.

Complete Control of Your Data

The SAFE Network turns the current data ownership model on its head.

Gone are the days of your personal information being stored on corporate servers. Self Authentication means you are in complete control over your data: it resides with you. Grant permission for apps to connect to it, and no company or third party ever has access.

Read more about Self Authentication

Pay Once, Store Forever

Upload your data and have it stored securely forever. Get free unrestricted access from any connected device around the world.

You’ll pay a minimal, one-time, upload charge but you’ll get permanent secure backups with no more monthly fees.

One Password. For real this time.

All apps are securely accessed from the single password used to create your account. Say goodbye to that password manager.

Data Portability

Being in complete control means you can quickly and easily move your data between apps and services. Mix and match to meet your needs, and leave no data behind.

Dude, where’s my blockchain?

No blockchain means endless scalability and instant transactions at network speed. Exactly what a global data network needs.

Read more about the design

The New Digital Economy

Welcome to the new economy where you no longer pay for your digital life with your personal data. Instead, you’ll use Safecoin, a crypto currency that is integrated into and distributed entirely by the network.

Users are compensated for providing their resources and can use this to pay developers to use their apps in a virtuous and self sustaining cycle.

SAFE is a network where wealth is shared based on the value that everyone provides.

Read more about Safecoin

Always Free to Access

Information is always free to access. You’ll never be charged for browsing or downloading. The SAFE Network guarantees equal access to data for everyone. You don’t even need an account, just download the browser.

The Perfect Market

As there is no human interaction, the Network autonomously creates a perfect market. Prices are set continually dependent on available resources and user demand.

No Infrastructure Costs

Without fixed infrastructure costs, each additional member of the network increases the utility and speed for everyone else. And the system rewards popular apps and websites with payments directly.

Contribute Resources, Get Paid.

By running a Vault, you can offer the network your unused resources—like hard drive space and bandwidth—and automatically be rewarded with Safecoin.

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